Can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your monthly or free membership at any time by emailing me at:

I will then begin the process of cancelling through the payment provider and stop payment as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel the yearly subscription. That will simply expire at the end of the 12 month period you purchased.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds. If you are unsure if this member’s only system is for you, perhaps you could try the free trial or monthly membership as you can cancel those at any time.

Who is this member’s only section best suited to?

This member’s only section is best suited to personal trainers, no matter the types of clients. It is also suitable for Physical Education/Junior school teachers who may be looking to add some fitness sessions to their curriculum delivery.

When will I get access to all of the memberships?

As soon as you have signed up to any of the members only categories, you will be given access to the correct area by way of a personalised login.

I’ve got all the workouts and PDF’s now. What is the benefit of continuing my membership?

Our design team is constantly creating new workouts and games. Ten of these will continue to be released monthly and added to your member’s only section, giving you even more variety in your sessions.

What are the new, never before seen games?

There are many new and inventive games that we have created. An example of some of these that have been a huge hit are: Auction Hunters fitness, Cluedo fitness, Game of Risk fitness, Snakes and ladders fitness, Monopoly fitness, Mario Kart fitness, Battleships fitness, just to name a few. There are plenty more of these creative games already in the members section and lots more currently in creation.